Ongoing Physical Therapy at a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo, ND Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Health


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Many people who suffer a severe injury deal with chronic pain throughout their lives. Physical therapy at a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND helps patients learn how to manage and reduce this discomfort. A therapist develops customized programs of exercise and beneficial changes for the client’s daily lifestyle.

One factor a physical therapist with a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND is likely to consider is posture. People tend to change their posture in response to pain in an effort to minimize discomfort. Unfortunately, favoring part of the body this way can result in detrimental effects on other physical components. When people change the way they stand due to back pain, for instance, they may put extra stress on their hips and knees. The patient’s walking gait is another example of a daily routine that may need to be addressed.

Some individuals become so anxious about the pain they make an effort to move as little as possible, which can lead to chronic stiffness. Stretching exercises can improve flexibility and increase the range of motion, but it’s important for the person to have a physical therapist perform an evaluation and determine which exercises would be best for a particular disorder. Having a knowledgeable guide can make a big difference in how effective stretching is. Additional exercises are typically included in the customized plan. Patients practice these strategies with the assistance of a physical therapist assistant during sessions at a facility like RehabAuthority. They may be assigned specific instructions to follow at home for best results, such as performing one round of physical activity in the morning and another in the late afternoon.

Physical therapists and their assistants provide other pain-relief treatments during sessions. A patient may benefit from deep-heat ultrasound therapy, for example. This is especially useful for soft tissues like muscles and ligaments. The sound waves are sent into those tissues, enhancing circulation and allowing the additional blood flow to bring nutrition and oxygen for healing. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is another methodology that can decrease pain. Stimulation of the nerves with this device may increase the body’s production of natural painkilling chemicals. Please visit the website  for more information on this particular center.

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