Prolotherapy May Solve Low Back Pain For Residents of Del Mar, CA

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Health Spa


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Prolotherapy is a complementary treatment that is used to help individuals with joint and muscle pain. During the treatment, the pain sufferer is injected repeatedly with an irritant solution into the joint. The irritant, likely a sugar solution, is designed to trigger growth in the connective tissues of the joint to reduce pain. Some individuals with low back pain have benefited from prolotherapy in Del Mar, CA.

Prolotherapy in Del Mar, CA requires several injections into the injury site or weakened area before it is effective. Depending on your healthcare provider’s decision, you could expect between 4 and 15 shots per session. The sessions should occur over 3 to 6 months.

For the treatment to be effective, the injection must be precise, allowing the irritant to affect the area requiring repair. Before treatment, the healthcare professional will assess the back pain of the individual to see if they are truly a good candidate for treatment.

Before an assessment, the healthcare provider will likely use imaging tests, x-rays, and other types of physical and visual exams to decide if the procedure is feasible based on the location of the injury and severity. Medical professionals who pioneer prolotherapy believe that strengthening the joint reduces pain. As the strength of the joint improves, so does the patient’s stability, which leads to improved movement and functions of the back.

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