Questions And Answers About Root Canals Performed By An Endo Therapist In Oceanside CA

When an individual gets an infection in the pulp of their tooth, they often have severe pain because the blood vessels and nerves are located inside the pulp. When decay in the tooth reaches the pulp, an individual must visit an Endo Therapist Oceanside CA for treatment. Individuals can read the questions and answers below to learn about this common dental procedure that’s known as a root canal.

Q.) What does an endo therapist do during a root canal procedure?

A.) After numbing the area of the mouth around the tooth, an endo therapist drills down into the center of the tooth where the pulp is located. Once gaining access to the pulp, the endo therapist removes the decay and infection out of the tooth and rinses it clean of all debris. The next step is to fill the pulp chamber with a substitute material that restores the function of the tooth. The last step is to place a filling in the surface of the tooth to close up the opening. If the opening is too large, due to decay, for a filling, the endo therapist can place a crown on the tooth.

Q.) Is it better to have the decayed tooth pulled instead of having a root canal treatment?

A.) Dentists always prefer trying to save a tooth, if at all possible, instead of pulling it out. When a tooth is extracted, it can cause the nearby teeth to shift into the opening and eventually become loose. If a patient chooses to have the tooth extracted, there are other options, such as placing a dental implant into the space to keep the other teeth from shifting. A root canal procedure is often recommended because this procedure restores the tooth and it’s less costly than a dental implant. Individuals who have additional questions about root canal therapy can speak with an Endo Therapist Oceanside CA about the benefits and costs of this procedure.

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