Reasons to Schedule a Foot massage in Oahu, HI

by | May 6, 2016 | Health


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There is no doubt that massage provides a number of physical and mental benefits. Even something like a Foot massage in Oahu HI at the hands of a professional will provide a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons to schedule an appointment with a masseuse and experience the relief that comes with this approach.

Breaking in New Shoes

Who hasn’t noticed that breaking in a new pair of shoes can be rough on the feet? Even though they are the ideal size and the amount of padding is sufficient, they still cause a little irritation. By choosing to invest in a Foot massage in Oahu HI after work, it’s possible to ease some of the stiffness and soreness that developed over the day. This can continue until the shoes are properly broken in and no longer cause any discomfort.

On the Feet All Day

Not everyone spends their work days in front of computer screens. For people who stand for most of the day on hard surfaces, the effort takes a toll on the feet and the lower legs. Some time spent with a massage therapist will help to ease the tension in the feet, the ankles, and the lower legs. The result is that the client is less likely to experience cramps during the night.

Ideal for Diabetics

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of circulation problems. In particular, it is possible to lose sensation in the feet. Having a foot massage at least once a week will help promote circulation and ensure the supply of nutrients to the tissue is adequate. That will go a long way toward avoiding some of the problems that arise with diabetic neuropathy.

For anyone who has not given foot massage a try in the past, now is the time to call Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage and set up a first appointment. If the patient has any specific feet issues like a loss of sensation, let the therapist know in advance. After discovering how good the massage feels during and after the appointment, choosing to go back on a regular basis will be an easy decision.

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