Seniors – How to Provide Support After Surgery in Miami, Florida

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Health Care


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Some seniors live alone and require extra attention after having surgery. If your 80-year-old mother has knee replacement surgery, then recovery can take up to two weeks. Seniors who undergo this surgery will need help with household chores. However, loved ones can put certain steps in place to be there when they are unable to. Read on to find out how to provide support after surgery.

Invest in Professional Help

If you cannot take care of your parent, then you should hire a professional. A home health nurse in Miami, FL, can support your parent. She can handle your parents’ medical needs, such as changing wound dressings, administering medications, and taking vital signs. You will have a peace of mind knowing that your parent is not home alone.

Consider Smart Technology

Smart technology is another way to support your parent after surgery. Alexa is a virtual assistant that can make phone calls to loved ones and the home health nurse Miami, FL, caregiver. This device can ask your parents questions throughout the day and communicate the answers to you.

Prepare the Home

should make changes to your parent’s home before the surgery. If your parent’s bed is upstairs, then you should set up a bed downstairs. It will prevent your parent from having to walk upstairs after knee surgery. You may want to stock the refrigerator with fresh vegetables, fruit, and other foods as well.

Taking these steps allows your parent to complete the recovery process with ease. Contact ALC Home Health at for a consultation today.

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