Services That You Can Expect After Hiring a Home Aide for Assistance

Whether you have a chronic health condition that makes it difficult to care for yourself or you have experienced a recent diagnosis or surgery, a home health aide can offer the assistance that you might need. A nurse will usually meet with you to determine the needs that you have along with planning a schedule for when the aide will come to your home. There are a few things that you can expect from a home health aide Delaware County offers so that you’re prepared for when the person arrives.

Personal Care
A home health aide in Delaware County can help with some of the basic care that you might not be able to perform. The aide can help with getting dressed in the morning and the evening before bed. Meals can be prepared, and the aide can usually take you to appointments or to run errands. Light housekeeping is often performed by a personal care aide, such as sweeping or washing dishes. The goal of a personal care aide is to make living at home a bit easier while you’re recovering or while you’re dealing with your medical condition until other plans can be put in place.

Medical Care
If you need a bit more medical care than your family can provide, then a home health care aide who is certified as a nursing assistant or a nurse can offer help. Medications can be given, and vital signs can be recorded when needed. A medical care aide is an option to consider if you’ve had surgery or if you’re recovering from an illness and don’t have the outside support of your family to provide the care that you need for a short time until you recover. If the aide notices any signs or symptoms that should be addressed, then the person can alert your doctor or someone in your family who can take you to be examined.

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