Signs it’s Time to Schedule Asthma Testing in Starkville, MS

Asthma can affect people of any age but is most commonly diagnosed in children. Although asthma sometimes runs in families, it’s not uncommon for a child to have two parents who have never struggled with asthma in their lives. That’s why it’s important for all parents to keep an eye out for the following signs that it’s time to schedule asthma testing in Starkville MS.

Frequent Coughing

Not all coughs are caused by asthma. If a child is coughing primarily at night and is losing sleep due to his or her coughing fits, though, parents might want to consider taking their child to a specialist for testing.

Whistling and Wheezing

In most cases, these sounds can only be heard using a stethoscope when children exhale. However, in severe cases, parents might notice a whistling or wheezing sound when their children inhale without using any kind of equipment. The sound is caused by inflammation of the airways, which can be dangerous, so don’t put off asthma testing in Starkville MS.

Shortness of Breath

When children have shallow breathing, they must use extra abdominal muscles to make sure they are getting enough air. Parents will notice their stomachs rise and fall in a process called retractions. They might also see children’s skin sucking in along the ribs, which is a definite sign of breathing difficulties.

Chest Congestion

If a younger child is complaining about chest pain, it’s important to take him or her seriously. The pain may be caused by excessive coughing, sore abdominal muscles, or other side effects of asthma.

Understanding Symptoms

The symptoms listed above don’t necessarily mean much in isolation but, if a child is suffering from two or more of them, the chances are good he or she has asthma. It’s also common for these symptoms to worsen when children develop respiratory infections, so don’t assume that a worsening cough is due to a cold alone.

Get Help Now

No parent wants his or her child to suffer without reason. Those who have noticed any of the symptoms above should take action and get in touch with a specialist immediately. Schedule an appointment with a local allergist today to get started.

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