Is It a Slip and Fall Case?

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Lawyers & Law Firms


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Every year, millions of people aged 65 and older suffer from a fall. These falls often result in serious injuries, with 2.8% older people treated in emergency departments throughout the country for injuries sustained or related to a fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

What can happen?

A fall can lead to broken bones, fractures and even head injuries. Left untreated, head injuries could lead to complications, including death.

Why do accidents happen?

There are plenty of risk factors. Some of the reasons for these accidents are broken or uneven steps, damaged or uneven flooring, throw rugs or clutter that can trip someone up, and wet stairs. If there weren’t any sufficient or adequate warning signs around, then those who find themselves taking a bad tumble down those stairs can sue and file for a personal injury case.

What if it happens to you?

If this happens to you, consult with slip and fall lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and ask about your options. The attorney will evaluate your case and tell you if you have enough grounds to file a lawsuit or not.

How can a lawyer help you?

Slip and fall lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can represent you in court. That matters. If you’re incapacitated from the accident and still on your back at the hospital, having legal help means you have someone to help you prove the defendant’s negligence. If your lawyer successfully proves the other party’s liability, you have the best chance of winning that case in court. Your lawyer can also prove damages, ensuring that you receive the maximum amount of compensation due you by right and law.

If you find yourself or your loved one the victim in a slip and fall case, don’t hesitate to get legal help. Hire a lawyer for your case.

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