Symptoms and Treatment of Macular Degeneration

It is normal for many people to experience changes in their eyesight as they get older. However, when your sight drastically diminishes or you see white or black spots in your field of vision frequently, you may suffer from a condition known as macular degeneration.

When you undergo eye surgery Jacksonville FL patients like you may be able to recover partly or fully from macular degeneration. You can decide if this treatment is right for you by learning what this ailment is and why doctors typically perform surgery for it.

Before you undergo eye surgery Jacksonville FL patients like you may be screened to ensure you really do have macular degeneration in one or both eyes. The symptoms of this condition include seeing white or black splotches in front of your eyes while you are trying to read, watch television, or carry out other normal activities with your eyesight. In some instances, straight lines in front of your eyes may appear to be off kilter or even double when you look at them.

This ailment of the eyes afflicts millions of people as they grow older. While some people adjust to it and see relatively well enough to continue reading, driving, watching TV, and other activities, some people whose cases of macular degeneration are worse need surgery for it.

During the surgery, your eye doctor will repair the blood vessels in your eyes that are causing the splotches or discoloration to appear. Your eyes will be numbed with eye drops so you do not feel the surgical work being done on them. You will remain awake but sedated during the surgery.

After the surgery is over, you will be required to use antibiotic eye drops to prevent infections. Your eyesight may improve right away, and you should notice changes immediately.

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