Take Advantage of Medical Compression Socks in Henderson, NV

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Health Care


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Most people are aware, to some degree, of Medical Compression Socks in Henderson NV, but not everyone really understands why compression socks are used. Since there are numerous situations where the use of compression socks is strongly recommended, it pays to understand why medical professionals often insist patients wear them.

Reduce the Potential for Blood Clots After Surgery

One of the more common uses of Medical Compression Socks in Henderson NV is as a tool to minimize the potential for post-surgery blood clots. If a patient is unlikely to be up and around for a while after surgery, compression socks encourage better blood flow while the patient is bedridden.

Manage Specific Medical Conditions

There are numerous medical conditions that cause reduced circulation in the lower legs and feet. Compression socks tend to keep swelling to a minimum, which encourages better blood flow. If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or at risk for issues like deep vein thrombosis, the use of compression socks is likely to be recommended. Of course, it always pays to fully discuss the recommendation with a physician to better understand that rationale.

Manage Pressure Issues When Flying

The threat of circulation issues while flying, especially on longer flights, is well documented. If you fly often, ask your physician if it makes sense to use compression socks to minimize the threat of blood clots when flying.

Compression Socks and Running

More and more people are running to stay in shape. Whether it’s training for a marathon or a routine exercise strategy, compression socks enhance circulation, reduce pain levels, and even help with post-race recovery.

Anyone who must be on their feet all day can benefit from the use of compression socks. In cases where patients have varicose veins, the socks are often recommended to reduce the pain involved and minimize the potential for the condition worsening. If you’re always sore after standing for long periods, ask your doctor if wearing compression socks would help.

While compression socks can be obtained from numerous sources, medical experts often recommend purchasing them from outlets like Las Vegas Medical Store. Because there are different types and styles of compression socks available, it’s important to get advice so the best option for your needs is found.

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