The Benefits Of Active Release Therapy For Pain

Pain from old injuries or new injuries does not have to be a way of life for anyone in Strongsville, OH. People of any age can experience injuries that create minor discomfort to pain that changes the way they are able to live and enjoy their` life.

The soft tissues of the body can be injured through strains, sprains, fractures, any type of traumatic injury. These injuries result in the formation of adhesions and buildup of scar tissue, limiting the movement of an area of the body. When this happens, a movement that stresses this scar tissue results in pain.

Breaking down the scar tissue through a process known as Active Release Therapy Strongsville, OH is a highly effective, non-invasive way to correct this type of chronic or acute pain. It also helps to restore the natural movement of the joint by feeing up muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This, in turn, eliminates pressure on the nerves, which eliminates the pain.

What to Expect

The goal ofActive Release Therapy Strongsville, OH is to target damaged or scarred tissue. The physiotherapist works with the patient to position the affected areaso the injured tissue is active or being used to hold the limb in place.

Then, using pressure, the physiotherapist instructs the patient to move the joint to length the damaged muscle, ligament, or tendon. This combination of movement and deep massage at the same time creates a full release, reducing the pain and increasing area mobility.

Unlike traditional deep tissue massage, Active Release Therapy Strongsville, OH uses a very specific and precise variety of techniques to manually release the muscle, ligament, or tendon and target the scar tissue. Small, controlled, and pinpointed active release techniques are selected by the Strongsville, OH,physiotherapist to match the area of the body and the specifics of the scar tissue buildup.

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