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There are many conditions which can be fixed at birth because they are known. However, there are many others that are not realized for some time. That includes Klinefelter Syndrome. Although many have not heard of this condition, The Focus Foundation is working to bring awareness to the condition as well as helping those affected.

Klinefelter Syndrome is when boys are born with an extra X chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome fits under the Chromosome Disorders Treatment umbrella. One of the problems with this diagnosis is that it is not readily recognized. Some symptoms in infants and toddlers may be mistaken for other conditions. For an accurate diagnosis by a Klinefelter Syndrome Specialists, doctors look for delayed crawling and walking, low confidence and shyness. In male adulthood a low sex drive and unexplained infertility are symptoms. Klinefelter Syndrome Specialists say that it affects about 1 in 650 male.

The Focus Foundation and the Klinefelter Syndrome Specialists are working with a great team to bring the disorder to the forefront. That includes fundraising, philanthropic offerings and civic leadership. Their programs are innovative and work to support both the patients and their families.

Additionally, the goals of the Focus Foundation are to help families whose children who need:

• Chromosome Disorders Treatment

• Suffer with dyslexia

• Have developmental dyspraxia

The Focus Foundation does their work by encouraging cohesive treatment between multiple doctors, an intervention team and the family. They also advocate for innovative methods for research and innovation. Lastly, their goals include increasing the awareness and Klinefelton syndrome, promote early detection and develop meaningful programs

It is one thing to talk-the-talk about what a foundation does. However, what the Focus Foundation is doing goes above and beyond care for Klinefelter, a condition that many have never heard of. Contact us at for more information.

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