The Importance of Clinical Documentation Improvement

When it comes to having your medical practice run in a smooth and efficient manner, it is surprising to discover how often clinical documentation improvement is neglected. This is because those practices that have a clinical documentation improvement program not only save themselves time and money in the long run but also manage to make life easier for their patients as well.

Before we go into why having a clinical documentation improvement program is such a great idea for your practice, let’s take a few moments to define what it is in greater detail. Then we’ll explain why it is so helpful to have.

What Is a Clinical Documentation Improvement Program?

In the simplest possible terms, a clinical documentation improvement program has the primary goal of fully integrating the medical language needed to make sure a patient’s condition is accurately diagnosed and notated. In addition, turning it into medical coding makes it precise and easy to understand. This is an incredibly complex process. In order to be done correctly, there must be a strong relationship between the physician and the people who are doing the medical coding for them.

How Can Having a Clinical Documentation Improvement Program Help Improve Your Practice?

By having a clinical documentation improvement program set up at your practice, it can ensure doctors who treat patients with more severe conditions are being paid the appropriate amount. Also, the patent’s claims should be paid out in full. An insurance company is more likely to be difficult to work with if the extent of the patient’s illness has been underreported.

For more information about implementing a clinical documentation improvement program in your practice, contact Gebbs Healthcare Solutions today through their website.

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