Therapy Sessions for Families and Couples in Minneapolis, MN

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Health Care


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Therapy offers many answers for struggling families and teaches members new coping mechanisms. However, for many families, open communication is a shortcoming and presents issues for everyone. Review opportunities for family counseling in Minneapolis and determine what option is best for your family.

Family Group Counseling

Group sessions for families help loved ones share their feelings more progressively. These opportunities are beneficial for working through addiction and trauma in a group setting. Counselors accommodate different group sizes and enable families to heal together. Learning more about family counseling in Minneapolis helps you find solutions for everyday problems.

Therapy for Couples

Whether married or just starting their journey, couples may need counseling services. Through therapy, they improve communication and set healthy boundaries. Each couple can grow and prosper with the right building blocks. The treatment gives each partner a safe place to discuss grievances without hostility.

Many couples may change their minds about divorce after they attend couples therapy. These services help them address problems in their relationship and rekindle their love.

Managing Mental Health

Mental health services address many conditions, including bipolar disorder and PTSD. Families face the toll of mental illnesses and trauma, and family members and loved ones need professional help to get proper treatment. Therapy, behavioral services, and medications can improve mental health conditions for individuals and families.

Family therapy and counseling services are beneficial for everyone. No challenge is too great, and the right therapy can make an incredible difference in the lives of families. Contact Rover Ridge Recovery about setting up a session, or visit for more information.

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