Things to Know About Skin Tightness After Facelift Surgery in Darien CT

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Health


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A facelift, medically known as rhytidectomy, rejuvenates the person’s appearance by lifting sagging skin and minimizing wrinkles and creases. The patient can expect to look at least five years younger, and many look even more youthful. Some of the temporary side effects that are common after Facelift Surgery in Darien CT include swelling, numbness and an uncomfortable feeling of skin tightness. Patients must remember that although rhytidectomy procedures are performed very frequently, the procedure still is an invasive surgery, and the body requires time to heal.

Some of the tightness experienced after Facelift Surgery in Darien CT simply is the natural effect of correcting sagging skin. The individual is no longer accustomed to how his or her skin felt years ago. However, some additional abnormal tightness can be felt because the facial structure is somewhat swollen after surgery. Some patients feel like the facial skin is pulling on their ears or neck.

The underlying swelling may not be visibly noticeable after a relatively short time, but some minor swelling continues for several weeks. There also are hidden scars that pull on the skin and take time to heal. Numbness, when it does occur, tends to last longer, but the skin gradually returns to its normal level of sensation.

All these side effects are normal. The patient will have follow-up appointments with the doctor at a facility such as Russo Aesthetic and Wellness and can discuss any concerns during those sessions. Plastic surgeons generally reassure patients with the knowledge that skin tightness may be thought of as a positive side effect. It indicates that the surgery was successful. If the skin did not feel tight, it would still be sagging. Skin loosening that naturally occurs to a certain extent after this type of surgery would be disappointing if the surgeon had not pulled the skin back as tightly as was necessary.

The most uncomfortable sensations diminish within a week. One method for speeding healing and reducing the sensation of tightness is to sleep with the head elevated several inches for at least three weeks after surgery. The doctor offers other guidelines for a full recovery to take place as quickly as possible.

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