Thinning Hair in New Jersey? What are Your Options Apart from Hair Transplant Surgery

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Hair Restoration


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There are approximately 4.5 million men living in New Jersey today. Since experts estimate that up to 80% of men suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives, that means nearly 3.6 million men in New Jersey may be suffering from hair loss at any given point in time. For most men, surgical hair transplantation is the most effective way to treat hair loss. However, many may not be ready to “take the plunge” and have surgery right away. Many may wonder, what non-surgical options are available for treating male hair loss?


Patients suffering from male pattern hair loss in New Jersey have two available medication options:

  • Minoxidil or “Rogaine” – is a topical medication available in both a liquid and foam form. It is now available over the counter with no prescription necessary, and can be purchased from any pharmacy.
  • Finasteride or “Propecia” – is an oral medication taken daily. It is a powerful medication, and requires a prescription. Patients in New Jersey considering finasteride must consult with a hair restoration doctor and determine whether it’s the right treatment for their hair loss.

Laser therapy

Despite heavy marketing online, in magazines, and on television, low level laser therapy or LLLT is not a proven treatment for hair loss. While hair loss sufferers in New Jersey may be tempted to try such a non-invasive treatment surrounded by so much hype, we do not endorse laser therapy.

Lifestyle changes

Male pattern hair loss is genetic. Regardless of what they do, men with androgenic alopecia (genetic male pattern hair loss) will lose hair. However, a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and proper stress management may help delay the onset of male pattern hair loss for as long as possible.

Wondering what non-surgical hair restoration options may work for you? Curious as to whether or not it is time for surgery? If so, please schedule an appointment to speak with one of our physician experts by calling 516-487-3797 or visiting our website at

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