Tips for Finding Podiatrists in Kenosha, WI

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Health


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For most people, their health care team usually consists of a doctor, dentist, and an eye doctor. But one more specialist that should be added to that list of health care professionals should be a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a medical doctor that specializes in the structure of the leg. There are a number of things they can diagnose and treat, including everything from flat feet to diabetic ulcers. While it might not seem necessary to add a podiatrist to the list of health care professionals, they can help treat all kinds of pain that start in the foot that general practice doctors cannot. Here are three tips to help narrow down the list of Podiatrists in Kenosha WI.

The first tip is to shop around for the right podiatrist. While it might seem like the easiest thing to do is to make an appointment with the first doctor that comes up on an internet search, it is very important to take the time to do some research. As with any other specialist, it is a good idea to check on what kind of experience they have. Podiatrists in Kenosha WI can specialize in diabetic foot issues, sports-related injuries, and flat feet.

The next tip is to check which insurance the podiatrist works with and will accept. Since they are already considered specialists, most insurance companies will require a referral from a general practice doctor for the visit to be covered. In most cases, the fastest way to find out what insurance is accepted is to contact the doctor’s office. The office staff can easily answer questions about what insurance is accepted. It also never hurts to consult the insurance companies to see if the podiatrist is considered a network doctor or not.

Finally, a visit to the podiatrist’s office should be the determining factor in selecting the right podiatrist. Things to keep in mind while visiting are the location of the office and parking accommodations. It is also important to note how easy it was to get an appointment. Being able to get an appointment when needed is a huge bonus. Don’t forget to make note of how friendly the office staff is and how receptive they are to answering questions. If something doesn’t feel comfortable, do not hesitate to continue the search. Contact us for more information on specific needs or questions.

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