Top Three Myths About Receiving A Tummy Tuck In Chicago

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a popular type of cosmetic surgery, often performed after a dramatic weight loss. Tummy tucks are done to remove extra skin from around the stomach and waist, smoothing out your abdominal area. For many patients, this can be life changing. Losing a lot of weight over a short period of time is a huge accomplishment, and finally having the confidence to show off the results will have positive implications throughout your life. Some people, however, mistakenly believe certain myths about the procedure, preventing them from achieving that same confidence. To help dispel those mistaken beliefs, here are the top three myths about receiving a tummy tuck in Chicago prospective patients should know.

Myth #1: It Will Help You Lose Weight

Tummy tucks are not designed to help patients lose a significant amount of weight. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Losing a lot of weight in a short period of time can often leave saggy skin around the abdominal area. Dramatic and quick weight loss is often the result of diet and exercise, illness, or losing weight following delivery. Tummy tucks merely firm, tone, and smooth your midsection, removing the excess skin from that area.

Myth #2: Exercise Can Negate The Need For A Tummy Tuck

A healthy diet and adequate exercise are incredibly important to maintaining your health throughout your life. Unfortunately, exercise alone simply won’t give you the same effect. When weight is gained, skin stretches. After the weight is lost, no matter what type of exercises you do, your skin simply won’t regain that same firmness and smoothness it had prior to the weight gain. A tummy tuck, along with maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, is the only way to remove that extra skin.

Myth #3: Only Women Get Tummy Tucks

There is no doubt that tummy tucks are an incredibly popular procedure for women. However, they are also commonly sought by men as well. Weight loss and a desire for smooth, firm skin isn’t gender specific. Men who undergo a transformative weight loss may also find their skin sags, especially around the stomach. Thanks to the popularity of the procedure, men are becoming increasingly aware of this type of solution.

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