Treatment Centers: Trained In Combatting Addiction Effectively In Florida

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Health


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Drug abuse and addiction are serious problems in Florida. In Southern Florida, the situation has reached a crisis. Yet, while drugs remain front and center of the media battle against addiction, alcohol deserves more than passing attention. In fact, treatment centers in Florida contain more patients with alcohol-related problems than drug issues. Statistics indicate for 2106, alcohol to be the primary substance responsible for those seeking and gaining admittance to treatment facilities in Broward County.

Combatting Addiction: Licensure and Education

Drug rehabs are a safe place for those who want to escape from their addiction. They are havens for those with both drug and alcohol abuse problems. While some who enter rehab may be mandated so by the courts, others enter in the hopes they can defeat their problem. They want to return to a life of normality – or at least one without the heavy and abusive effects of drugs or alcohol.

To combat addiction, treatment centers must follow state laws. In Broward County, as is true elsewhere in Florida, providers of treatment abuse programs must have a state license. Moreover, the license must satisfy the state that the treatment center and its professionals meet the level and type of care they offer. Among the more common types of counseling certifications valid for operating within Florida are the following:

  • Certified Addiction Specialist
  • Certified Addiction Counselor
  • Certified Addiction Professional
  • Certified Master’s Level Addiction Professional

This is in addition to medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists who play an important role in the process.

Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment centers in Florida are the best means currently available for fighting addiction. In Broward County, the best rehabs do not simply detox and release. They provide a multi-pronged approach to a complex problem. Their licensed experts address the physical and psych/social effects of substance abuse. In doing so, they help those affected fight back against the addiction that has controlled their lives for so long.

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