Understanding the Basics of Transgender Therapy

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Transgender Surgeons


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The process of transgender therapy utilizes male or female hormones as a means to help the transgender individual become more masculine or more feminine, as the case may be. This type of therapy can help with physical changes, certainly, but it has also been shown to provide help with the psychological distress that patients might feel. The therapy is a massive commitment, and people will need to follow the therapy routine for life.

How Does It Work?

For those who want to transition from female to male (FTM), the hormone testosterone is taken. When a transgender male wants to transition to a females (MTF), they are going to take estrogen. Of course, everyone is born with both male and female hormones in their bodies. However, the levels of the hormones will depend on the sex of the person. To help the transition, additional hormones of the opposite sex are used.

Because males have testosterone, they are going to need to take more than just estrogen. They will also need to take antiandrogens. This is because simply adding the estrogen is not going to be enough to lower the testosterone. If they were to take only antiandrogens, though, it would create a loss of bone density. They need to take both. If they end up undergoing reassignment surgery, they will be able to stop taking the antiandrogen.

How Are the Hormones Taken?

When it comes to hormones used in transgender therapy, there are many different forms available. They are found in patches, creams, gels, pills, and injections. When you speak with a doctor about beginning the therapy, they can let you know about your options, and they can put you on a hormone schedule that is going to work for your body.

It is very important that you follow the doctor’s instructions, as they can ensure that you have the right balance in your body and that you are not doing any harm to yourself. Even though you might be excited about transitioning, that does not mean that you should take more of the hormones than the doctor says. In fact, it could be dangerous if you do.

To learn more about transgender therapy and reassignment surgery, you will want to get in touch with a doctor that specializes in this field. They can help to guide you each step of the way on your journey.

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