Using Adult Stem Cells in Topeka, KS to Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders

People with chronic musculoskeletal disorders, also known as MSDs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis, have a variety of treatment choices depending on the severity of their condition. Sometimes surgery can be a successful option for reducing pain and improving functionality. However, thanks to breakthroughs in stem cell research, adult stem cells can be used to help treat many disorders.

What are Adult Stem Cells?

Controversy has surrounded stem cell research almost since it was discovered. However, the cells used to treat MSDs come from adults and are not from embryos. Adult stem cells in Topeka, KS are harvested from bone marrow and are then prepared and injected into bones, connective tissues, or muscle tissues to treat certain conditions.

Regenerative Medicine

The stems cells used to help tissues or bones regenerate are mixed with other bodily fluids or cells, including platelet-rich plasma. The procedure to harvest your cells is done right in the office and there is minimal pain involved. Once the cells are harvested, they are then mixed with the other ingredients to help treat your condition.

There are over 70 different therapies created using this research, but there are no therapies using embryonic cells. The Center for Manual Medicine uses this type of therapy to treat many chronic conditions to reduce pain, regain function, and improve the patient’s quality of life. Stem cell therapy works for many different conditions because the cells can differentiate into many different types of cells.

Once the stem cells have been harvested and mixed to form the solution for injection, the treatment is given and the area is immobilized to help the cells set up. Splints, crutches, or braces will help keep the area still for 18 to 24 hours. If you suffer from a MSD, you should discuss the option of being treated with stem cells, to see if the therapy can help you. Visit website for more details about the stem cell procedures in Topeka, KS.

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