VNG Testing: Do You Need One?

If you often suffer from dizziness or vertigo, then you might need to undergo VNG or videonystagmography. The test is often done to determine if your balance problems or dizziness are being caused by an abnormality in your ear, says everyday Hearing.

The procedure

The test can be divided into three parts: oculomotor evaluation, positioning or positional testing and caloric stimulation of the vestibular system. It typically takes about 90 minutes. You might experience a bit of dizziness during the procedure. That’s normal and it usually only lasts for a short while. Still, it would be better for you to bring along a family member or friend who can take you home afterward, especially since you might be too unwell to travel on your own.

The reminders

You will need to stop taking certain medications 48 hours before your scheduled test. Do you take allergy pills? What about tranquilizers like Valium or Xanax? Sedative pills will need to be discontinued for the allotted time as well along with any diet pills or pain pills you might be taking. You also need to stay away from aspirin or aspirin substitutes as well as any nerve or muscle relaxant. Failure to comply with this rule will compromise the results of the test. You might end up rescheduling the exam.

Additional reminders

Don’t wear any makeup. When you come in for the test, be sure to remove your contact lenses as well. Don’t take any solids for about 2 to 4 hours before the test. And stay off the coffee, tea or cola. You can get back to these after midnight on the day you take the test. Be sure to look for a reputable facility for VNG testing in Orlando. Do your research and explore your options. That’s going to help you find the right doctor and facility for VNG testing in Orlando.

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