What Are The MIssissauga Body Conditions That Require The Use Of Compression Socks?

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Home Health Care


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Blood flow is obviously the most important aspect of a healthy body. There are many things that can restrict proper blood flow, though. To improve blood circulation, people use yoga, a good exercise routine, undergo massage, and eat lots of Omega-3 containing fish to name a few. Compression socks Mississauga are also a solution. Here’s why.

Body Conditions Requiring Their Use

Blood circulation can be curtailed in many ways. Those who sit in one position for many hours such as secretaries or computer operators have blood that puddles in their lower extremeties. Compression stockings help improve blood flow.

Poor circulation causes muscle aches. Tight, restricted muscles aren’t getting enough oxygenated blood flowing through them. This causes muscle cramps and aches. Compression socks massage tight, achy muscles, returning them to healthy use.

Good blood circulation is vital to seniors. Blood clots are life-threatening. No one including seniors are aware of their presence, until they travel through the body to cause stroke or a heart attack. Compression socks Mississauga gently massage the feet and calves to encourage circulation, which prevents blood clots.

Those in sports as well as runners have begun to wear compression stockings. They report less soreness, fast recovery times, and better performance while wearing them.

Diabetics often suffer from decreased circulation. High glucose levels have been known to cause damage to blood vessels. Compression socks can prevent this damage by massaging the feet and legs, encouraging blood flow.

What You Should Know About Compression Socks

Compression stockings can be found anywhere a pharmacy or department store is located. They are a tad difficult to don, though. To aid in this, rub in cornstarch or baby powder to the foot and calf. If you use lotion, let it dry before puttin on the socks. Wash in tepid water and air dry your socks every day. Replace in six months. Contact Woodland I.D.A. Pharmacy & Adapt Home Health Care at Adapthomehealthcare.com to learn more.

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