What Home Care Services Offer Dependable Skilled Nursing in Philadelphia, PA

While the vast majority of seniors remain active and lead healthy lifestyles even after retirement, there are some elders who may need to access assisted living or skilled nursing services but are still well enough to stay in their own homes. Learn what home care services offer dependable and skilled nursing in Philadelphia, PA.

The Difference Between Skilled Nursing & Other Care Services Explained

Most at-home types of care services offer companionship and/or assisted living care services that can be usually completed by nursing assistants or aides. Skilled nursing care generally involves the services of a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a licensed vocational nurse to at least oversee the care services being given. This level of nursing care requires that the nurses are competent and experienced in dealing with doctors, various therapists and other key support staff that may be taking care of their clients as well.

Some of the Many Skilled Nursing Care Duties That Are Included in Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled nurses are able to complete far more in the way of care duties due to their advanced training and backgrounds. Some of these advanced duties that these skilled nurses may perform include medication delivery, medication reconciliation and administering injections, IV management, heparin flushes, foot care, wound/dressing care, the management of urinary catheters, colostomy bags, feeding tubes and other types of drains, bags and tubes among many other skilled nursing duties.

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