What Is Lower Back Pain?

Any discomfort at the back of the body from the top of the legs to the lower part of the rib cage is considered to be lower back pain in Jacksonville FL. The lower back carries a great deal of a person’s weight and lower back pain can be a frequent occurrence. As well as carrying considerable weight it is also that part of the body which is used when lifting objects or reaching for things and unfortunately people do not exhibit the best body mechanics when doing these things. As a result the lower back is often injured, in most cases the injury fades within a week or two but there are those who suffer from chronic back pain.

The symptoms of lower back pain in Jacksonville FL can vary wildly; it depends on the reason for the discomfort and the tolerance for pain of the subject. In some cases lower back pain may be little more than a dull ache or pain while in others there can be sharp pangs or a burning sensation. Lower back pain can be centralized or it can be over the full width of the back. There is no warning of impeding back pain in some cases, it can hit a person quickly but it can also come on gradually. There are times when the pain will be accompanied by stiffness in the back or it can even cause pain or a tingling sensation in the upper legs.

Common causes of pain in the lower back are overuse and strain and in some cases an injury may be to blame. A person is quite susceptible to back pain when they undertake an activity which they are not accustomed to, something like shoveling snow can be the cause. A person may take a jolt during an accident and find later that there is lower back pain. Even lifting a child can cause back pain if proper lifting techniques are not observed.

Another cause is something that no one can do anything about; aging. Over time the bones in the back weaken as do the muscles, this leads to an increase in injuries to the spine. Vertebra which makes up the neck and spine and the discs that separate them can wear out. When this happens there is insufficient cushioning between the vertebra and the result is pain.

There are a number of treatments to reduce or eliminate back pain, everything from taking anti-inflammatory medicine to visiting a qualified chiropractor for hands on care.

If you are suffering from back pain in Jacksonville FL then you may want to consider chiropractic care. At Chiropractic Injury Solutions you can expect chiropractic manipulation as well as soft tissue manipulation and electrical stimulation.

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