What Type of MRI Machines Are Available to Patients in Florida?

You might need an MRI to help your doctor discover and diagnose possible conditions affecting your body. MRI imaging provides an in-depth look into your body that’s more detailed than a standard X-ray. There are currently three different types of MRI machines in use. You and your doctor will discuss which type of machine best fits your situation.

  • Closed MRI Machine

The closed MRI is the traditional method used for MRI imaging. The machine is similar to a large tube that allows you to lie inside and get a total body scan. Although the closed machine provides high-quality results, some patients simply can’t tolerate the feeling of being locked inside. And if a patient is overweight, there’s a chance they’re too large to fit into the machine.

  • Open MRI Machine

An open MRI machine is preferred for patients who are claustrophobic or overweight. Unlike the closed MRI, an open MRI doesn’t enclose the patient’s body in a tube. The space isn’t completely enclosed, so there’s no risk of a patient feeling claustrophobic. Most overweight patients can also easily use an open MRI machine because they don’t have to fit inside of a tube.

  • Sitting and Standing MRI Machine

Some patients are more comfortable if they’re allowed to sit or stand during an MRI. This type of machine is more comfortable for some patients. But it generally doesn’t provide results as good as those provided by closed and open MRI machines.

Feel At-Ease About Your MRI

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