Who to Call When in Need of Compassionate Healthcare at Home in Virginia

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Hospice Care


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Most people prefer to stay in their own environments, as these places are familiar and comforting. Sometimes, seniors and others need specialized care that requires the services of professional nurses or other caregivers. Here’s who to call when in need of compassionate healthcare at home in Virginia.

Consider At-Home Care for Hospice or Skilled Nursing Services

The hospital setting is meant for short-term acute care. This is typically the most expensive care option, and as medical costs continue to skyrocket higher every year, more hospitals are discharging patients earlier. Some of these patients will not be able to go home. They might live alone, and these patients may not be able to manage their daily needs. Consider utilizing healthcare at home that can include skilled nursing care and hospice care services.

Get Advanced Healthcare without Leaving Home

When individuals decide to stay in their own homes even when they require advanced care, they have the option of hiring a private duty nursing assistant or skilled nurse. Many healthcare policies now include at-home care as part of their benefits. This helps keep medical and therapy costs lower for most people.

People Can Also Choose Hospice Care from a Home Care Agency

More people who need around-the-clock care are doing this without needing to leave their familiar home settings. Choose an affordable and reliable home care agency that offers hospice care at home.

Call Hospice of the Piedmont or visit online to learn more.

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