Why Pet Vaccinations in Barnegat, NJ Are Important

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Veterinarian


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Ongoing inoculations throughout the life of a pet can keep your dog or cat healthy and happy. Both cats and dogs need these vaccinations to prevent the diseases that can lead to a shorter life. Therefore, make sure that you find a pet clinic that understands the importance of vaccines and how regular vaccinations support pet health.

You Will Feel Better and So Will Your Pet

Once you schedule pet vaccinations in Barnegat, NJ, you will feel better. No one likes the idea of a dog or cat getting sick when it could have been prevented. In fact, pet vaccines today can safeguard your furry companion from a host of illnesses. These diseases may include rabies, parvovirus, distemper, Bordetella, feline leukemia, and infectious hepatitis.

When you schedule pet vaccinations once a year, you reduce the spread of infectious disease throughout dog and cat populations. Also, vaccinating your pet against a zoonotic disease such as rabies protects both you and your pet. By practicing prevention, you can save in treatment costs and, again, lengthen your pet’s life.

Call or Contact the Vet Online

To arrange to have pet vaccinations given, you can simply go online and either book an appointment over the Internet or call the vet’s office. Taking this kind of proactive stance will keep your pet healthy as well as members of your family or even outsiders. For example, you don’t want your dog to bite someone and find out that it has rabies. This can turn into a lawsuit, not only because of the bite but because the rabies can make the victim seriously ill.

Who to Contact on the Web

Do what you can to help your pet live a happy and long life. Visit us today and book an appointment to have your pet examined and inoculated. You may even think about having your pet examined twice yearly. Preventative medicine can lower pet care costs by a substantial amount. Therefore, having your pet examined twice yearly and vaccinated yearly will help pare the expenses involved in a dog’s or cat’s care.

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