Why There Is Value in ADHD Testing for Children in Charleston, SC

Many children with ADHD are wonderfully imaginative and creative. Some excel in school for years, while others experience challenges, and their parents cannot figure out the root causes. You should not put off getting your child a proper diagnosis if you suspect ADHD. It is a manageable condition, and there are solutions available.

Academic Challenges

Getting your child ADHD testing in Charleston, SC will give you a better understanding of any academic challenges they may be experiencing. ADHD affects cognitive abilities and lowers test scores if they don’t receive the help needed. Students with ADHD often have a hard time focusing in class and completing classwork, which leads to issues with completing homework since they do not understand the assignments. Some behaviors include talking a lot, disrupting the class and fidgeting. The result is sometimes disciplinary action which exacerbates the problem.

Long-Term Effects

ADHD testing in Charleston, SC can help children better deal with the condition when they become adults instead of allowing it to shape their life. Many adults with ADHD have a difficult time maintaining healthy relationships. Some also suffer from depression and anxiety when the condition is left untreated. It can also affect a person’s ability to complete routine tasks. You can mitigate the effects of ADHD in your child with proper treatment. It’s usually easier to deal with an issue when you understand what’s happening. Not knowing can result in low self-esteem because of the many challenges faced.

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