Your Hair Transplant In Philadelphia Will Result In Natural Looking Hair

Hair transplants have advanced quite a bit over the years and the results can be as natural as real hair. Today, the surgeon is able to transplant a full head of hair in just a couple of appointments.

Results Will Vary

Although the advances in hair transplants are great, the outcomes of hair replacement for men in Philadelphia, PA will be dependent upon how skilled your surgeon is. When you are planning to have hair transplants, the doctor should be a specialist in hair transplant and have successful experience.

A good example of having a specialist would be a dermatologist as they know how hair loss occurs. You may also find a dermatologist who conducts hair transplants and make a recommendation on whether you would benefit from it.

Determining Hair Transplant Candidacy

A candidate for hair transplants can be anyone. To be certain that you are a good candidate, your doctor needs to ensure that you have plenty of hair that is healthy enough for transplantation. The area to be transplanted also needs to have the ability to grow hair.

Prior To The Transplant Procedure

A hair transplant procedure can be as long as eight hours. When you have an area that needs a lot of hair to be transplanted, a return visit may be needed.

You will likely be awake during the procedure and may only need local anesthesia for the scalp and maybe a sedative to feel relaxed.

When Results Can Be Expected

The results of your hair transplant can be seen within months following the procedure. However, results may vary and could take as long as a year. You should understand that there will be hair that falls out a few weeks following the procedure. While this is to be expected, the hair may appear thinner but can be treated.

When hair replacement for men in Philadelphia, PA is needed, you should be in touch with a hair transplant specialist. At Feller & Bloxham Philadelphia, PC, they’ll sit down and consult with you and explain your options. When you are ready, get a hold of them at

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