3 Facts You May Not Know About Centella Asiatica

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Health


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Centella Asiatica, as the name may suggest, is well known throughout many Asian countries. In some cases, it is viewed as a weed that has proven invasive in some areas, although little is known about how invasive it might be. That said, it has long been used to assist with many medical ailments, as we will shortly see.

There is much information we can learn about this plant, not least the fact that it also goes by the name of Asiatic pennywort. Are you aware of the following facts as well?

It Largely Grows in the Southern Hemisphere

It is thought to have begun life in Asia, but it has since been introduced to some islands outside of this area. As such, it is viewed as having been distributed throughout tropical areas in the world, even including some in the northern hemisphere.

It Is Thought to Have Many Health Benefits

From improving someone’s memory to helping with skin conditions and reducing inflammation, Ayurvedic practitioners have long resorted to using the Centella Asiatica plant for medicinal purposes. While this is true of those in Asian countries, many people in the northern hemisphere are now discovering the plant’s apparent benefits for themselves.

Some Drink Water That is Infused with the Plant

Some find the flavour of Centella Asiatica to be pleasant, perhaps slightly bitter but also quite mild. Some steep it in hot water and drink it as an alternative to tea. Others add the leaves to a glass of water and enjoy it that way instead.

We can see there are many fascinating facts and features surrounding this humble plant. While some use the plant itself, it is more easily used when presented as an extract. This can allow for many more uses than might otherwise be the case.

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