Emergency Situations that Require a Trip to a Pet Hospital in Roswell

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Pet Health


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A pet is a member of the family. Owners are obligated to provide adequate medical care for their pets at all times. If a pet gets sick, it’s usually alright to take a “watch and wait” approach. However, some emergencies require an immediate trip to a local Pet Hospital in Roswell.

Bites and Stings

Bites are common reasons to bring a pet to the vet. Dogs and cats can be bitten by a multitude of creatures, including other pets, wild animals, snakes, and insects. Even if the bite looks small, it’s best to have them looked over by a veterinarian to rule out other problems.

Animal bites may lead to deadly infections if the wound isn’t treated and sterilized in a timely manner. Snake bites may be poisonous, and an anti-venom may need to be administered. Even insect bites or stings can become dangerous, especially if the animal has an allergic reaction.

Difficulty Passing Urine or Stool

Healthy pets should use the restroom on a regularly. If an animal is struggling to urinate, they may be suffering from an infection. Tumors may also block the bladder and cause difficulty or pain when urinating. Owners should bring their animal to a Pet Hospital in Roswell to rule out any health issues.

Passing stool should also be regular and easy. If an animal completely stops passing solid waste for several days, they need to be checked out. This is also true if the animal is showing signs of pain or distress whenever they attempt to pass stool.

Seizures or Unconsciousness

Pets should always be alert. If they become lethargic or unaware, this may be the first sign of a major problem. If an animal has a seizure or is seen staggering around, be sure to bring them to a vet immediately. The same is true if an animal loses consciousness.

It’s important to note that this is just a short list of reasons to seek medical attention for a pet. If an animal begins to act differently, the owner shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment with a local vet. Visit Ahnfc.com to learn about the importance of regular health care for pets of all ages.

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