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by | Aug 10, 2020 | Pet Health


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When you decided to get a new puppy, you put lots of thought into it. What kind of home could you give the puppy? What kind of food would it like? Where would you find the best veterinary services in Los Angeles? Now the puppy is here and has taken over your heart. It’s time to get the best animal care available.


Vaccinations and an examination are the first things on your list. You don’t want your furry friend to contract a fatal disease. If there are some underlying health problems with your new furry family member, you will want to know so that you can treat them correctly. Finally, what kind of diet should this breed be eating? When? How much? Great veterinary care doesn’t just involve shots. It involves knowing the breed-specific needs of animals, diseases, and afflictions each animal is prone to getting, and how to manage these issues. Your veterinarian should be able to assess the animal and make recommendations.

Veterinary services in Los Angeles should also include dental care such as cleanings, extractions, and oral care if necessary. Dental health is a key step in supporting the overall health of your dog or cat. Rabbits, chinchillas, and hamsters may also require filings to keep teeth from getting too long.

Finally, your vet should be able to perform emergency and routine surgery, should your animal require it. Masses, cherry-eye, and spay/neuter surgeries are common.

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