4 Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Doctor

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Family Medicine


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A competent doctor can help you look after your health. But if you aren’t satisfied with the level of care you’re getting, it may be time to part ways with your doctor. Here are a few signs you should start looking for a new one soon.

You don’t fit

You and your doctor don’t need to be best friends. But it certainly helps if you and your doctor have a comfortable working relationship, one that allows you to ask whatever questions you have or feel at ease during consultations and treatments. If that’s not the case, though, then start looking for a qualified and trained internal medicine physician in Brownsville to be your new doctor.

Your doctor is always late

If you often need to wait for more than an hour just to meet your doctor, that could be a problem, the U.S. News says. If your doctor is late to your appointment a time or two—maybe there’s an emergency, for instance—then that’s nothing to worry about. But if it happens all the time, then spare yourself any further frustrations and hassle. Look for a trusted internal medicine physician in Brownsville for treatment and consultation instead. A doctor who respects you and your time will always find a way to be on time for your appointments.

Your doctor doesn’t tell you why

If your doctor recommends that you get a certain test or exam, but fails to fully inform you why, that’s not ideal. A good doctor will always explain his/her reasons. If your physician is keeping you in the dark, then time to look for a new one.

Your doctor doesn’t listen

Credentials are a factor. But if your doctor doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t respect your beliefs, then walk away and find someone else. Don’t let a bad doctor get in the way of you getting the treatment and care you deserve.

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