6 Ways to Prepare for a Laser Liposuction Surgery

Before undergoing laser liposuction, you’ll need to be prepared for the surgery. Here are a few things to expect:

Take a lab test

Your doctor will require you to take a lab testing or to get yourself thoroughly tested out. A medical evaluation will be necessary to make sure you’re fit and that you qualify for the procedure.

Change or adjust your medication

Do you take medication? You might need to take some medications in addition to the ones you already have before you undergo the procedure. That or your doctor might advise you to change your current medication for the meantime.

Stop smoking

Smoking can lead to complications, says the DIY Health. You’ll need to kick the habit before and after your laser liposuction. Who knows? You could take this as a good opportunity to try and kick the habit for good.

Don’t take any aspirin

Aspirin or any other type of anti-inflammatory drugs might worsen the bleeding. That’s not ideal so you’ll need to stop taking those drugs before the surgery. If you take any herbal supplements, you might need to put a stop to those as well. If there’s anything else that you take—medication or vitamins—don’t forget to consult with your doctor.

Check for credentials

Pick an accredited facility, hospital or ambulatory surgical center. You’ll also want to make sure you choose a competent and experienced surgeon to perform the surgery. This will take do a lot to eliminate any worries or fears you might have about the upcoming surgery.

Ask someone along

Have a friend or family member drive to you too and from surgery. It would also be wise to have someone stay with you at least for the first night after the surgery just in case something happens or if you find yourself in a bit of pain and discomfort.

With these 6 ways, you’ll be better prepared for the procedure.

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