The Laser Hair Removal Process, Contact an Expert in Chicago

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Surgery


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Cosmetic medical procedures are commonly performed on residents in Chicago who want to make a change to their body. For instance, laser hair removal can reduce the number of hairs on the affected body part, which means you have less shaving or waxing to do. Lasers are used that provide a pulsating, intense light beam and remove the unwanted hairs.

How it Works

During the process, lasers are passed over the skin, usually very close to the surface. The beam of light penetrates the surface and goes down to the follicle. Lasers have intense heat that destroys or damages the follicle, but you won’t feel pain. You may, however, feel slight discomfort as the skin heats up. The process is designed to inhibit the follicle from producing as much or as frequently and works well on people with light skin or darker hairs. While it can reduce the number of hairs on the body, it isn’t considered a permanent solution and no surgeon can guarantee that.

Why Do It

Residents of Chicago may be tired of always having to shave or wax their body. Whether you’re a man with a hairy back/chest or a woman who wants to reduce the amount of times you have to shave your legs, laser hair removal can help you.

Treatment locations can include the bikini line, upper lip, chin, underarms, back, and legs. However, almost any area of the body can be treated other than the eyes and eyelid.

Side Effects

This procedure is considered non-invasive because there are no incisions, but it can still come with risks. Common problems include temporary skin irritation, as well as redness or swelling.

Laser hair removal is an effective and safe way to remove unwanted hairs from various parts of the body. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Chicago at to learn more.

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