The Beauty Of A Tummy Tuck In Naperville IL

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Surgery


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Men and women try so hard to give themselves a flat abdomen. They watch their fat intake, exercise, and diet to help themselves be healthier and get rid of the stomach flab. However, your genes and other factors may prevent your body from losing all that flab, even if you lose weight and feel better. A tummy tuck in Naperville IL is one of the best ways to lose that pooch by removing extra skin and fat, as well as tightening the muscles of your abdominal wall.

It’s Not Liposuction

Many confuse a tummy tuck in Naperville IL with liposuction, though they aren’t similar. While you can choose to get liposuction at the same time to increase your chances of getting the body you want, they aren’t the same. Liposuction involves removing the fat from the body using needles and cannulas while abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure.


To be considered for such a procedure, you must be in good health. Your surgeon will talk to you about your lifestyle and any changes that could be coming. For example, if you plan to have another child or get pregnant, it may not be the right time for abdominoplasty. Likewise, if you intend to lose weight, you may want to do so first before having the procedure.


You do have options when it comes to abdominoplasty. A full procedure requires cutting from hipbone to hipbone and contouring the tissue, skin, and muscle as necessary. Your belly button will be moved, as well. Partial or mini abdominoplasties can also be used for people with fat deposits beneath the navel, where the belly button isn’t likely to be moved.

A tummy tuck in Naperville IL can rid your body of extra fat and even tighten the abdominal muscles. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery now to learn more.

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