Your First Colonoscopy: Before And After

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Gastroenterologist


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Colonoscopies are unpleasant, and anyone who says differently is either inexperienced or dishonest. Colonoscopies are also necessary, and putting them off only means that any existing health issues will get much, much worse. The key is to find a colonoscopy doctor in Brooklyn, NY who makes the entire process — including preparation and followup — as efficient as possible.

There are two big reasons to get an early colonoscopy. The procedure detects potential problems before they become real problems, and it is much easier, as well as cheaper, to address issues at this stage. Even if the colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY does not detect anything, you get peace of mind, and that is a priceless commodity.

When to Call the Doctor

A rule of thumb is a first colonoscopy should be at age 50. But there are some major exceptions, and you should not wait until you blow out the candles to schedule a colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY.

People with any family history of gastrointestinal issues, from seemingly minor conditions like polyps to serious and chronic illnesses like colon cancer, should probably consider calling a doctor soon after they turn 40. Similarly, people who experience any unexplained abdominal discomfort, especially if it is rather mild and somewhat chronic, should schedule a procedure straightaway, because where there is pain there is normally a problem.

Furthermore, experienced and capable doctors sometimes are booked several months in advance, particularly during certain times of the year. Especially if you’re in an early colonoscopy category, don’t wait to schedule a colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY.

Getting Ready

To make the most of your time and give the doctor the best possible view of your colon, your system needs to be empty. That usually means between one and three days of a clear and light-color liquid diet. Make sure this diet contains plenty of water, because it helps you feel full while flushing out your system.

To lessen the shock, some patients build up to the CLC diet gradually, maybe starting with one meal a day a week before the procedure. But most patients report that the experience is actually quite refreshing.

Wear comfortable clothes to your appointment, because you will be lying down for awhile. The actual colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY usually takes about a half hour.


Continue the CLC diet for the rest of the day, so your colon can rest. While you’re waiting, spend a little time thinking about the big breakfast you will have the next morning.

Most patients remain in the office for an hour or two after a colonoscopy, so staff can monitor them and any residual sedative can wear off.

A few days later, the doctor will reach out to you with the results, and then the two of you can decide on the next step, which is probably scheduling another colonoscopy for the next year. Browse the website for more information.

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