Stomach Pain: Finding Relief and Determining the Root Cause in Jacksonville

Reaching for your go-to bottle for stomach pain relief, you have realized that you have been growing increasingly dependent on this over-the-counter medication. For several weeks, you have been routinely experiencing bloating, a burning sensation in your stomach, and other uncomfortable and painful symptoms. What can be causing this? What should you do next?

Stomach Pain: A Myriad of Causes

Stomach pain is extremely difficult to endure, especially if you are out and about. Many causes gastroenterology Jacksonville of stomach pain include GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), stomach ulcers, gastritis, and others. Obtaining a proper diagnosis by visiting a medical professional is highly recommended if symptoms persist.

Natural Alternatives to Store-Bought Medication

Are you wondering how you can find relief while searching for the best healthcare provider near you? Changes in your diet like eating bananas and drinking more water may help you find relief. Adding ginger may also help calm an upset stomach while reducing nausea, as it can reduce acid production. You might also want to avoid lying down after a meal to aid the digestion process.

The Specialists to Turn to for Gastrointestinal Ailments

Perhaps you are now searching for a center in Jacksonville for gastroenterology to help determine the root cause of your stomach issues. Visit the professionals at Digestive Disease Consultants. They are the leaders in providing comprehensive gastroenterological care through decades of expertise. They utilize cutting-edge technology for the benefit of their patients. Visit to schedule an appointment with these professionals in Jacksonville for gastroenterology expertise today.

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