Benefits of a Sport massage in Oahu HI

Sports massage therapy helps to realign the fibers and connective tissues present in the muscles. Regular sports massage increases flexibility and mobility of joints thereby reducing the risk of sustaining injuries during a sports exercise. The following are some of the other benefits of getting a Sport massage in Oahu HI.

Enhances Tissue Permeability

A sports massage widens the pores of tissue membrane allowing nutrients and oxygen to readily pass through. This produces an environment where nutrients and oxygen are rapidly delivered to target muscles thereby improving the rate of recovery from illness. It also enables the rapid removal of lactic acid and other waste products.

Prevents Soreness

Sports massage relieves or prevents the onset of delayed muscle soreness. This soreness develops within twelve to twenty-four hours after the performance of a strenuous exercise. It is accompanied by a moderate level of pain that is distressing to most individuals. Sports massage encourages lymph and blood flow through the body and helps to prevent muscle fatigue.

Reduction of Anxiety Levels

In addition to creating a peaceful state of complete relaxation, sports massage therapy helps to lower anxiety and stress levels. This improves the mood and mental state of the individual.

Improved Joint Mobility

Overworked or traumatized joints and surrounding muscles tend to become stiff and constricted. Sports massage works out the kinks in the soft tissues and muscle area of the joint and helps to improve its flexibility.

Improves Hormone Release

The secretion of some hormones is triggered by stimulating the nerve cells and surrounding muscles. During a sports massage, these areas are stimulated leading to the opening of the hormone receptors. This stimulation also improves the overall response of the lymphatic nodes.

Increases Overall Flexibility

Some massage techniques increase the flexibility of athletes. For optimal performance, athletes must be able to move their joints in the manner mandated by the sports activity. Additional functional flexibility can be gained when athletes undergo a sports massage before beginning their sporting activity.

Better Sleep Pattern

Sports massage promotes and enhances a more regular and beneficial sleep pattern. Regular sessions improve the quality and quantity of sleep that athletes get. This, in turn, leads to optimum performance and improved happiness and health.

Individuals and athletes who want to enjoy the benefits of a Sport massage in Oahu HI should schedule an appointment. For more information and to make inquiries on the services, Click here. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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