Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage in Jacksonville

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Spa and Wellness


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The technique of Deep Tissue Massage in Jacksonville is designed to penetrate below muscle surface layers, making it ideal for treating chronic conditions, muscle restrictions or muscle tightness. This technique is very suitable for the deep release of accumulated muscle tension, especially in people who generate muscular stress over time. It is also very useful in athletes who accumulate a certain degree of muscle tension because of their training. This type of massage is not for everyone. If there are aches or pains that bother the patient, it is necessary to end the session immediately. However, some people have conditions which prohibit a deep tissue version of a massage; for example, people who suffer from osteoporosis should refrain from receiving a deep tissue massage in Jacksonville.


People that need deep muscle relaxation are those suffering from:

1. Deep contractures

2. Disabled

3. Injury Recovery (sports injuries, traumas, etc.)

4. Injuries overreaching and derived from work

5. Postural problems

6. Muscle tension

Why is this type of massage different from others?

Most massage techniques are focused on producing a state of relaxation of superficial muscles. A Deep Tissue Massage in Jacksonville certainly does this, as it’s primarily aimed at the deeper layers of muscles, which produces a state of deep and lasting relaxation. The therapist uses their hands, forearms, elbows, and the back of the hand, so it is likely that during the session you may feel some discomfort. However, upon finishing, you will be glad to know that every muscle has been stretched immensely. This increases the degree of mobility and flexibility significantly.

How long does a session last?

The duration of a session varies with the problem, but in general you can have one done in about 45 minutes, depending on your body size and muscle tension present. People can treat chronic muscle problems or a nagging injury as a result of some muscle trauma, tendon or joint, too. However, most people who require this type of massage are athletes who have pain or need a massage in order to compete.

To learn more about how a massage can help you deal with chronic pain or reach that state of relaxation you’ve been looking for.

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