Got Surgical Steel Instruments in Need of Sterilizing in Florida?

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Health Care


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Surgical steel instruments, whether they are used for surgery or tattoos, are all required under law to be fully sterilized after each use. In the state of Florida, not every facility can own its own autoclave for sterilizing instruments. However, you don’t have to have your own autoclave in Florida when there’s a service company that can do the job for you. This company also provides you with special sterilization staff like a sterile processing interim manager or a traveling sterile processing technician. If you do have an autoclave but not the staff, the temporary hires can be a huge help, especially in a large hospital or clinical setting.

The Sterile Processing Interim Manager’s Job

The sterile processing manager hired from a third-party company can work an interim position for however long you need him or her to work. This person ensures that everyone working on sterilizing the equipment is doing everything possible to keep things extremely clean and sterile. Without the supervisor something might go missed, which could result in a major lawsuit if a patient or consumer became very ill.

Traveling Sterile Processing Technician

This processing technician is responsible for collecting, sorting, initially cleaning and preparing instruments for the sterilization process. It’s a traveling position because many of these technicians work multiple job sites around Florida and travel around a lot.

If you are interested in outsourcing your sterilization needs or hiring staff to help with sterilization needs in your clinic or hospital, contact Moab Healthcare via

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