Benefits of Sober Living in St. Paul

by | May 14, 2024 | Health Consultant


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When a person has completed their time at an inpatient addiction treatment facility, they might not be ready to go home and get back to their old lives. For most people, it is best to move into sober living in St. Paul. There are several ways that it can benefit the individual.

Remain Clean and Sober

When a person leaves the treatment facility, they might not be ready to return to the real world. When a person goes home, they will have access to drugs and alcohol. If the individual is not yet strong enough, it is very easy to relapse when they get home. A sober living house will give the individual a chance to get stronger without the temptations of drugs and alcohol around them.

Resident Accountability

Sober living houses provide a structured setting for individuals who have just left rehab. In order to live in the house, the individual must follow strict guidelines. This includes attending daily meetings, alcohol and drug screenings, and nightly curfews. The individual must have a job, or they can be a volunteer. These things are all important if a person is going to remain sober.

Extra Support

While support from family and friends is important when a person leaves rehab, they are going to need additional support if they are going to stay sober. In a sober living house, the individual would have the support of not only the staff but also the other residents in the house. Peer support is very important if a person is going to stay sober.

Learning Real World Skills

When a person has been addicted to drugs and alcohol for a long period of time, they likely haven’t been living a productive life for a long period of time. When they move into a sober living house, they will have a chance to learn how to be productive again. This includes handling household chores, keeping a schedule, and entering the workforce. When a person has a chance to do these things in a controlled environment, they have a better chance of being successful in their sobriety.

When a person leaves an inpatient treatment facility, their next step should be sober living in St. Paul. It is their best hope of staying clean and sober. For more information, contact The Recovery Academy or visit their website.

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