Three Benefits of Open MRI for Doctors and Patients in Orlando, FL

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Imaging Centers


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If you need an MRI, you might have anxiety about being in an enclosed and noisy space. However, there is a better way to get an MRI that doesn’t require you to get inside a cramped tube. Here are three reasons to consider scheduling an appointment at an open MRI facility.

More Comfortable for Patients

The first and most obvious benefit of an open MRI is that it’s much more comfortable for patients. An open MRI is much less isolating because you can see and hear everything around you.

Accommodates Special Needs

An open MRI facility is a great choice for patients with special needs. People with autism, claustrophobia, or anxiety experience much less distress with an open MRI. Open MRI also works well for people with mobility issues and people of size who struggle to fit into a traditional MRI machine.

Easier Positioning of Extremities

If you need imaging of a limb or extremity, an open MRI makes positioning easier than a traditional MRI. Images of wrists, hands, and feet are much easier to get with an open MRI because the radiologist can see how these body parts are positioned within the machine and move them as needed.

Are you ready to get the imaging you need without the discomfort and anxiety of a traditional MRI? Open MRI of Orlando offers comprehensive diagnostic imaging services for patients in the Orlando area and surrounding communities. Visit their website today to learn more, or you can also check out their Facebook page at

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