Bring a Senior Cat to the Nesbit Ferry Animal Clinic

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Animal Hospitals


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Older cats make great companions, and those who are considering adopting a senior pet have some special considerations to make. In this guide, readers will get several tips on preparing for a senior cat’s arrival.

Take a Shopping Trip

If the house has never been blessed with a cat before, it’s time to go shopping, as feline friends need food, toys, treats and bedding, as well as a litter box and some litter. For senior cats, it is important to choose a box with lower walls, as it will be easier for the cat to get in and out. It’s also a good idea to buy some comfortable cat furniture and a carrier.

Set up a Veterinary Exam

If the cat is adopted from a shelter, it’s likely that he or she will already be neutered or spayed and current on parasite control and vaccines. However, Kitty should still have a comprehensive exam at a local veterinary office such as Nesbit Ferry Animal Clinic. Prompt diagnosis is the best way to find and treat health issues before they cause serious problems. During the initial appointment, the cat owner can ask for advice on feeding and care.

Get Ready for the Big Day

Before bringing the cat home, put all of his or her things in a quiet area so they have a cozy, safe place to settle in and relax. For senior cats, it may be a good idea to get some pet stairs or ramps, which make it easier for Kitty to get onto and off furniture.

Don’t Force the Issue

Some cats are very affectionate, and they’ll hop into a new owner’s lap as soon as possible. Others need more time to get used to their new surroundings. Don’t force a new cat to be affectionate; just focus on giving him or her plenty of attention and great care.

Be Proud

By adopting an older cat, a new owner is doing a great thing. In shelters, older cats are often ignored in favor of kittens, and they frequently have a difficult time getting adopted. These sweet senior kitties are very cute, and they have plenty of love to offer. When adopting an older cat, owners can count on Nesbit Ferry Animal Clinic for their veterinary needs. Visit to schedule an exam today.

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