Business Owners: Why Drug Testing in Cincinnati, OH Matters

Owning and operating a business of any size paves the way for many benefits. It also involves taking on a great deal of responsibility. When it comes to employees, choosing to add Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH into the annual routine is not a bad idea. Here is why the testing is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Minimizing the Risk for Accidents on the Job

Employees who are abusing medications or illegal substances present a significant risk to themselves and others in the workplace. The potential for judgment to be impaired is high, and the possibility of accidents taking place is real. In order to reduce the possibility of anyone sustaining an injury, it makes sense to implement a policy of Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH for current employees as well as job applicants.

Reducing the Chances of Costly Errors

Even if no one is injured, there is still the possibility of errors occurring that negatively impact the company. Think of what would happen if an employee filled several orders with the wrong items. It is only a matter of time before the client decides that receiving the wrong goods is not worth the time and trouble. For fewer orders eventually lead to job losses, it makes sense to do whatever it takes to ensure everyone is alert and paying attention to the details of what they are assigned to do.

Getting Troubled Employees Help

People can develop addictions before they realize what is happening. For example, an employee may have been placed on pain medication following an accident. Even though the injury healed some time ago, the employee has continued to take the medication instead of following the doctor’s plan for gradually weaning off the substance. If the medication shows up on a drug test and it is something the employee should have stopped taking a long time ago, the test results provide the chance for the employer to see the employee gets the help needed to overcome the addiction.

To learn more about the implementation of a drug testing program in the workplace, contact the team at Eastside Urgent Care. It will not take long to come up with a plan, schedule the testing dates, and ensure that everyone in the workplace is safe.

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