Needing Help From Infertility Treatments In San Antonio TX

In vitro fertilization (IVF) helps many infertile couples have a family. Usually, a doctor makes a diagnosis of infertility before any treatments begin. Doctors offer many Infertility Treatments in San Antonio TX. However, IVF has a high success rate. This is the preferred route when the sperm and egg do not connect naturally. Couples are screened prior to any treatment. Doctors look for genetic and health problems. IVF is very expensive, and many insurance companies do not pay for it. However, clinics usually offer a variety of financing options.

The process begins with the woman injecting herself with medicine to stimulate the ovaries. The ovaries usually produce one egg per month. However, a hormone mixture causes many follicles to grow. Hopefully, many of the follicles produce eggs. All along the way, the patient is monitored using an ultrasound machine. Doctors try to get an estimate of how many eggs there may be. Likewise, experts use the ultrasound and blood test results to determine the time for egg retrieval. First, the patient meets with an anesthesiologist who takes a complete medical history. The doctor is trying to decide what type of sedation to use. Indeed, the procedure can be very painful.

Doctors who perform infertility treatments in San Antonio TX rely on ultrasound a lot. The tool is used to guide a thin needle during egg retrieval. The needle is inserted inside into the patient and guided to the follicles. All eggs are harvested during the five to ten-minute procedure. When it comes to eggs, experts say the quality is key rather than quantity. The eggs must be strong enough to survive the process. Next, the eggs are inseminated and placed into an incubator. Three days later, any resulting embryos are implanted in the patient. The patient is given progesterone injections to supplement what the body makes. This hormone helps to stabilize the uterus for pregnancy. IVF has a high success rate. If there are problems, doctors look at estrogen levels and follicle development. People who are interested should visit a Fertility Specialist’s website. Find the contact us page and schedule a consultation. It is the start to making dreams come true.

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