Common Chiropractic Pain Treatments In Lancaster CA

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Chiropractor


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Chiropractors are able to pinpoint where in your back or neck needs adjusting for eliminating or reducing pain. Their methods are considered an alternative form of medicine. The pain treatment in Lancaster CA methods that are commonly used will be highlighted below.


Chiropractors treat chronic or ongoing pain. Usually, with the lower back pain is treated by manipulation. Focusing on the spine, short pushes are applied to the localized area to improve working performance. The manipulation, or adjustment, works the nerves and deep tissue as well.

The purpose manipulation is for the patient to regain full range of motion in their back or neck. There are specific areas in the back that the chiropractor is trained in, and pressure is applied to those points in a procedural manner. A chiropractor in Lancaster CA and surrounding areas can identify those areas and create a treatment plan for the patient.


Mobilization focuses mainly on stretches and slow and deliberate movements. Like spinal manipulation, the end result is to gain a full range of motion. Patients with sensitivities are usually directed to this treatment as it is more gentle and typically will not cause muscle spasms.

There are a series of mobilization techniques. One of the most common is by using short and repetitive techniques, slowly rocking the patient. While relaxing, the techniques works.

Another method is by using an adjustor tool called an activator. It is manually used by the chiropractor, adjusting in a gentle manner.

The chiropractor is also able to use a series of blocks and wedges to aid in the adjustment. He can also adjust using fingertips and positioning of the body.


As a complement to the adjustments, chiropractors can also prescribe massages to their patients. Massage therapy can help loosen the joints and muscles of the back and neck. As a result, an increase in mobility is the final result.

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