What to Do When You Can’t Find Your Baby’s Usual Formula in the U.S.

If you have an infant, you know that using the same brand of formula is important to avoid upsetting your baby’s delicate digestive system. However, sometimes your baby’s formula is difficult or impossible to find. Here are three things you can do when your baby’s formula is out of stock at every store.

Consider a Generic Brand

Did you know that store-brand baby formulas are required to meet all the same nutrition, safety and quality standards as their name-brand counterparts? Many name-brand formulas have a generic equivalent that is not only easier to find but also more affordable.

Call the Formula Manufacturer

A particular formula missing from the shelves is often a local issue, which means that you may be able to order what you need directly from the manufacturer. Look on the container of your baby’s formula to find their phone number or website.

Ask Your Pediatrician for Samples

If you can’t find an alternative formula brand that works for your baby, ask your pediatrician’s office if they have any samples of your baby’s usual formula. Pediatricians typically get many samples of baby formulas from a variety of brands that can tide you over.

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