Common Reasons Why Your Physician May Recommend Nerve Tests in Orlando

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Health


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If you exhibit certain signs or symptoms of cranial nerve dysfunction, your physician may recommend that you undergo nerve tests in Orlando. This will help your physician determine whether or not you should be referred to a neurologist for further evaluation and treatment. Here are some common reasons your healthcare provider may suggest nerve tests.

Numbness and Tingling

If you suddenly develop numbness and tingling sensations, you may have a neurological disorder. Numbness and tingling sensations are also known as paresthesias, and may be caused by a disc herniation, sciatic nerve compression, or cranial nerve dysfunction. Depending upon the results of your nerve test in Orlando, your physician may recommend physical therapy, dietary interventions, surgery, or medications to relieve pain and parasthesias.

Smell and Taste Abnormalities

If you develop problems with your senses of taste or smell, your doctor may refer you to a neurologist, who may order diagnostic imaging and nerve tests. Smell and taste abnormalities may indicate cranial nerve damage. The cranial nerves that may be affected in taste and smell disorders include the olfactory nerve and the glossopharyngeal nerve.

These nerves can become inflamed or damaged as a result of sinus infections, dental infections, or oral surgery. If you have cranial nerve damage, your physician may prescribe an anticonvulsant medication to relieve pain, especially if your cranial nerve damage is caused a painful condition known as trigeminal neuralgia, which is a condition affecting the trigeminal nerve.

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